Ooru Utsavam

Vattalukki Ooru celebrates its first Ooru Utsavam on 20th March 2015. It will start at 8pm and will go on till the morning with dances, discussions, speaches in Irulla language and Kooth. This is an effort of AADi to retain what is not lost in the Advasi culture, language, religion and life itself. You are welcome to participate in

Adivasi Parambarya(Ethno Medicine) Vaidya Treatment Centre

The ancient system of Ayurvedic Medicines and their practices which has been implemented many years back by the efficient ayurveda physicians is being practiced even now by adivasis in all its purity. This provides the best and believable treatment in ayurveda which is acquired from their ancestors in its old and safe way has become fruitful & famous among the people in the whole world. Belief and parambarya(Hereditary) tanima makes them perfect to achieve a complete cure of several diseases with absolutely no side effects. The patients are treated by the famous Ayurveda specialist Sri Mudhamoopan Vaidyar�s son Chidda Vaidyar who is currently practicing in �Mattattukaadu�AADI. Many people living in & outside Attapadi has fully recovered from illness because of the special Vaidya service rendered by Sri Chidha Vaidyar.



Information and Career Guidance Center.

Promoting Ethno-medicine thru Adivasi Vaidyas.

Blessed by the Jesuit Provincial Fr. Joseph Kallepally SJ.

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